Custom Woodworking in Erie, PA

Small City, Big Wood

Both Studios is redefining what can be created through skilled custom woodworking. We blend traditional joinery, finishing methods, and tried and true structural practices with contemporary design aesthetic and repurposed materials to create unforgettable pieces for each of our clients.

Whether you have an idea in mind or need help prototyping your project, we got you covered. From conference tables to custom wooden toys, we’re here to build you something beautiful.

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  • Custom Frames

  • Conference Tables

  • Custom Shelving

  • Restoration

  • Custom Signage

BOTH Studios is headquartered in heart of Little Italy in Erie, PA. We pride ourselves on being able to utilize salvaged materials, fine lumber, and digital technology, to breathe new life into old buildings, restore turn of the century tools to working order, and design the absolute highest-quality products possible for each individual client we serve

With one foot in manufacturing and another in art, we discover creative solutions for commercial, residential, and individual fabrication and design as well as creating large placemaking pieces for the general public. We believe it is our refined attention to detail that creates work that will withstand the test of time.

All material is hand selected and meticulously examined. Whether the piece is interactive or site specific, our goal is to transform the traditional means of experiencing and capitalizing on the materials around us.

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